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As a reminder for all you fans of this fine blog who are just tuning in or didn’t get the memo, this blog will be all about the PepsiAmericas, Inc. company and its presence in today’s news… So, in honor of the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day, this week’s blog will focus on LOVE for Pepsi.

Showing some love for Pepsi : The morning after THE game, its apparent that the GreenBay Packers aren’t the only champions to emerge from Sunday’s festivities.  With this past weekend’s Superbowl telecast came the release of newer, funnier and UBER expensive ads ($3 MILLION per 30 second spot) from various companies and it is PepsiCo that reigned supreme.   Commercials featuring Pepsi products claimed 4 of the top 5 Most Recalled Ads as reported by Advertising Age via their online poll found at  Moreso, Pepsi products popped up on favorited commercial lists from NFL Fanhouse, Time Magazine, CBS News, and YouTube in addition to others.

Love bites back : But, one of these ads has become the target of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas who argues that the “Love Hurts” PepsiMax ad is demeaning and expressed racist stereotypes.  The ad shows an African-American couple’s interactions, the last exchange between the two shows the husband eyeing a female Caucasian jogger and the wife becoming angree and throwing her sodacan at him.  Unfortunately, he ducks down and the sodacan hits the jogger instead knocking her to the ground, afterwhich the married couple run away.  As quoted by the Los Angeles Times, Rep. Lee states that she “(doesn’t) like to see black women characterized as nasty, negative and controlling” however the commercial portrays the married woman as very apologetic as she repeats “I’m sorry” as her husband drags her away from the floored jogger.  With such a statement from a political figurehead it can only be assumed that this advertisement will become an social conversation piece for days and maybe weeks to come.


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