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At New York’s 2011 Fashion Week, Diet Pepsi reveal its new look.  PepsiCo’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jill Beraud, explains how Diet Pepsi’s new Skinny Can “is the perfect complement to today’s most stylish looks” as part of their continued celebration of women through their advertising. Diet Pepsi’s “Get the Skinny” campaign is meant to celebrate beautiful, confident women and offer full refreshment with zero sugar, calories and carbs.  But in recent days since the can’s debut has caused more negative press and sentiments than the expected interest in the soda’s new sassy packaging.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog,  Skinny Can has created unrest with the National Eating Disorders Association.  As reported on the blog, head of NEDA Lynn Grefe, explains how the campaign doesn’t celebrate women but celebrates being skinny and suggests that women must look as so.  Because the Skinny Can has a significant presence at New York’s fashion week,  NEDA notes the fashion industry’s history concerning its role association with eating disorders, which could potentially be problematic.  In the Comm-World we know that studies have been conducted that examine the role of media in translating messages to audience members who could adopt these messages as personal beliefs; in this case, that being thin is what it means to be womanly.

However, Diet Pepsi’s new spokeswoman, Modern Family‘s Sophia Vergara, has made several comments regarding her support and favor for the soda.  Recently however, Vergara  appeared on television with Jay Leno where she made very frank statements regarding how she doesn’t cook, doesn’t exercise and loves her curves.  So it shouldn’t be surprising that Skinny Can critics have noticed that there is a significant amount of photo editing in the print advertisements including Vergara for Diet Pepsi. 

These new developments beg the public to question how PepsiCo will react to what should have been an exciting release of Diet Pepsi’s redesign… More so, it makes me wonder, “who needs mirrors when a soda can tell women that their butts are too big”?!?


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