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PepsiCo and who have parternered together since Earth Day 2010, have made a recent and significant step in their cooperative goal of increasing the national recycling rate in regards to beverage containters.  In Novemeber of that same year, PepsiCo and Greenopolis’ partner, Keep America Beautiful reported that “only 12% of public spaces are equipped with recycling receptables” as of November 2010 (  These numbers will hopefully be quickly changing as PepsiCo has agreed to station 300+ recycling “Dream Machine” bins in our nation’s capitol city, Washington D.C..  A partnership was created between PepsiCo, Washington D.C.’s public works department and the DowntownDC Business Improvement District urban development group to instigate public recycling efforts.  The PepsiCo Dream Machine project is one based on recycling and education that will raise the nation’s current recycling rate from 34% to 50% by 2018.  PepsiCo’s Dream Machine accepts beverage containers (plastic bottles and aluminum cans) deposited by an individual an rewards the person with points that can be redeemed by Greenopolis for entertainment, dining, travel, personal services, etc. from nationally recognized companies.  Specifically as a reward in the downtown D.C. area, PepsiCo’s Dream Machine initiative will donate finances to Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities which “is a business training organization for post 9/11 veterans”. 

Together the PepsiCo, Greenopolis, and DowntownDC Business Improvement District organizations push their public to live the mantra, RETHINK. RECYCLE. REWARD.


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