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PepsiCo and who have parternered together since Earth Day 2010, have made a recent and significant step in their cooperative goal of increasing the national recycling rate in regards to beverage containters.  In Novemeber of that same year, PepsiCo and Greenopolis’ partner, Keep America Beautiful reported that “only 12% of public spaces are equipped with recycling receptables” as of November 2010 (  These numbers will hopefully be quickly changing as PepsiCo has agreed to station 300+ recycling “Dream Machine” bins in our nation’s capitol city, Washington D.C..  A partnership was created between PepsiCo, Washington D.C.’s public works department and the DowntownDC Business Improvement District urban development group to instigate public recycling efforts.  The PepsiCo Dream Machine project is one based on recycling and education that will raise the nation’s current recycling rate from 34% to 50% by 2018.  PepsiCo’s Dream Machine accepts beverage containers (plastic bottles and aluminum cans) deposited by an individual an rewards the person with points that can be redeemed by Greenopolis for entertainment, dining, travel, personal services, etc. from nationally recognized companies.  Specifically as a reward in the downtown D.C. area, PepsiCo’s Dream Machine initiative will donate finances to Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities which “is a business training organization for post 9/11 veterans”. 

Together the PepsiCo, Greenopolis, and DowntownDC Business Improvement District organizations push their public to live the mantra, RETHINK. RECYCLE. REWARD.


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Cola’s Caramel Coloring Causes Cancer?   Leave a comment

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest some foods and drinks can be harmful to our health.  The CSPI says that the ‘caramel coloring’ Caramel III and Caramel IV that is used in Pepsi and Coke as well as some foods and beer contain two cancer-causing chemicals.  Additionally, the CSPI is arguing that the terminology ‘caramel coloring” leaves the consumer with the concept that the color is created by caramel, which is untrue as the color itself is produced by ammonia or ammonia sulfite processes.  As quoted by, CSPI executive director, Michael F. Jacobson states that the current wording is misleading, though caramel isn’t a healthy option, “at least it is not tainted with carcinogens” (  CSPI is currently lobbying for the Food and Drug Administration to place a ban on the use of the two types of coloring that are made with ammonia; the FDA is holding a committee review at the end of March.

Another concern for consumers of sodas is that a new study presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Conference reveals that individuals who drank at least one diet soda every day had a 61% higher risk of vascular health events, including stroke and heart attack.  According to MSNBC, the study followed the soda drinking habits of 2,500+ New York residents over the course of 9+ years.  To further extend the health scare and potential connections between soda consumption and health issues, the American Heart Association reports that 1 out of every 3 people have some kind of heart disease and that each year over 2,000 individuals die due to cardiovascular diseases.

Soda drinkers beware the sugary sweet temptation of ‘caramel coloring’…

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Diet Pepsi’s nip & tuck   Leave a comment

At New York’s 2011 Fashion Week, Diet Pepsi reveal its new look.  PepsiCo’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jill Beraud, explains how Diet Pepsi’s new Skinny Can “is the perfect complement to today’s most stylish looks” as part of their continued celebration of women through their advertising. Diet Pepsi’s “Get the Skinny” campaign is meant to celebrate beautiful, confident women and offer full refreshment with zero sugar, calories and carbs.  But in recent days since the can’s debut has caused more negative press and sentiments than the expected interest in the soda’s new sassy packaging.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog,  Skinny Can has created unrest with the National Eating Disorders Association.  As reported on the blog, head of NEDA Lynn Grefe, explains how the campaign doesn’t celebrate women but celebrates being skinny and suggests that women must look as so.  Because the Skinny Can has a significant presence at New York’s fashion week,  NEDA notes the fashion industry’s history concerning its role association with eating disorders, which could potentially be problematic.  In the Comm-World we know that studies have been conducted that examine the role of media in translating messages to audience members who could adopt these messages as personal beliefs; in this case, that being thin is what it means to be womanly.

However, Diet Pepsi’s new spokeswoman, Modern Family‘s Sophia Vergara, has made several comments regarding her support and favor for the soda.  Recently however, Vergara  appeared on television with Jay Leno where she made very frank statements regarding how she doesn’t cook, doesn’t exercise and loves her curves.  So it shouldn’t be surprising that Skinny Can critics have noticed that there is a significant amount of photo editing in the print advertisements including Vergara for Diet Pepsi. 

These new developments beg the public to question how PepsiCo will react to what should have been an exciting release of Diet Pepsi’s redesign… More so, it makes me wonder, “who needs mirrors when a soda can tell women that their butts are too big”?!?

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Can’t buy me love…   Leave a comment

As a reminder for all you fans of this fine blog who are just tuning in or didn’t get the memo, this blog will be all about the PepsiAmericas, Inc. company and its presence in today’s news… So, in honor of the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day, this week’s blog will focus on LOVE for Pepsi.

Showing some love for Pepsi : The morning after THE game, its apparent that the GreenBay Packers aren’t the only champions to emerge from Sunday’s festivities.  With this past weekend’s Superbowl telecast came the release of newer, funnier and UBER expensive ads ($3 MILLION per 30 second spot) from various companies and it is PepsiCo that reigned supreme.   Commercials featuring Pepsi products claimed 4 of the top 5 Most Recalled Ads as reported by Advertising Age via their online poll found at  Moreso, Pepsi products popped up on favorited commercial lists from NFL Fanhouse, Time Magazine, CBS News, and YouTube in addition to others.

Love bites back : But, one of these ads has become the target of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas who argues that the “Love Hurts” PepsiMax ad is demeaning and expressed racist stereotypes.  The ad shows an African-American couple’s interactions, the last exchange between the two shows the husband eyeing a female Caucasian jogger and the wife becoming angree and throwing her sodacan at him.  Unfortunately, he ducks down and the sodacan hits the jogger instead knocking her to the ground, afterwhich the married couple run away.  As quoted by the Los Angeles Times, Rep. Lee states that she “(doesn’t) like to see black women characterized as nasty, negative and controlling” however the commercial portrays the married woman as very apologetic as she repeats “I’m sorry” as her husband drags her away from the floored jogger.  With such a statement from a political figurehead it can only be assumed that this advertisement will become an social conversation piece for days and maybe weeks to come.

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The Chosen One   Leave a comment

So, the purpose of creating this blog is to meet the requirements of a LU Crisis Communications course.  For the course we were required to chose a company from Forbes Magazine Fortune 500 list and report on this company, its competitors and industry for the duration of the Spring 2011 semester.  For the purpose of understanding what will become of this post I must now introduce you to my master company… (dramatic drumroll) … PepsiAmericas, Inc.

The founding father of what we now know as PepsiCo was Caleb Bradham a pharmicist living in New Bern, North Carolina; in June of 1903 Bradham received an official patent for the soda mixture he named Pepsi-Cola.  Over 100 years later the PepsiCo brand has become a worldwide brand, contemporary icon and leading producer of over 500 favored beverages and snacks.  To date, PepsiCo manages an obscene number of brands including Pepsi, FritoLay, Tropicana, Quaker, Gatorade, as well as their national and international affiliates.  For a complete list of their brands and products visit  It is safe to say that Pepsi’s greatest competition comes from the Coca-Cola Company as over the years, the two brands have produced similar products and marketed to the same audiences.

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